1. Messaging Application

Crypto Messenger Wallet(CMWT)
  • End-to-end encryption of messages;
  • Encrypted voice calls with the encryption of the data to prevent sniffing, eavesdropping.
  • Crypto-currency wallet functionalities;
  • Community functions with enhancement features that will allow community managers to manage a large community effectively; and
  • Securing confidentiality by applying blockchain.

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  • Available to listen and view text, picture, audio and video posted by other users
  • Information in vicinity of your current location displayed through GPS
  • Auto translation of foreign language
  • High level security under blockchain technology to prevent spoofing, falsifying information or contribution.

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2. Distributor

Distributor for Crypto Messenger Wallet(CMWT) and Inou is CoinPartner(

CoinOtaku(, the operator of CoinPartner, is a venture company incorporated in October 2017, administrates information website of crypto assets “CoinPartner” ( ), provides information of charts of crypto assets and crypto assets exchange through various SNS services, holds a channel on YouTube® “Coin Partner Crypto Currency TV” (collectively “Information Media Business”) and provides information to members who are interested in crypto asset’s information registered for free (as of June 2020) of an online salon called “Coin Partner Premium” (“Salon Business”).

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