1. Health Programs

Current projects
  • 1. Singapore’s nationwide “Get Active” program
  • 2. Personal “Health Journeys” program
  • Roadmap is to market these two programs to other cities globally, and to develop corporate health programs.

Since Oct 2015, Activate has powered over 410,000 wristbands.

2. Fitness Wearables

  • Has built a fitness wearables platform that powers the Actxa brand wearables.
  • Licensing the platform to Chinese manufacturers, who lack in good design and mobile app development capabilities.

3. Wellness Services

  • Has exclusive partnership in Singapore for the FirstBeat lifestyle assessment program, which uses HRV data collected via chest strap over a 3-day period to provide health and stress analysis and an action plan + tools for the user to make positive program.

4. Research & Development

  • Focus on new research in HRV as well as blood glucose monitoring.

Blood Glucose Technology

  • Research focus on the correlation of HRV with blood glucose levels in humans using wrist-worn PPG sensors
  • Achieved high accuracy in completed clinical tests

Legal Information
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