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As the Company’s business, operations and management have changed substantially since 2015, current business is focused on the development and acquisition of intellectual properties (“IPs”) in digital health and other high growth areas, the Board of the Company considered it appropriate to change its name representing new directions of the Company.

The Company recognized that the world is digitizing at a rapid pace and we aspire to become a leader and contribute to mankind in this new era of digitization. In this new era, in order to reign supreme, the Company believes that the formation of the DNA of an organization has to start with the right beat. Hence.

Beat Holdings Limited would seek out opportunities in consolidating intellectual properties in high growth areas such as digital health, internet of things, games, entertainment, artificial intelligence, block chain technology and other related fields. Leveraging on this shared pool of IPs, through in-house research and development (“R&D”) and co-R&D with our strategic partners, the Company will cross-pollinate and create a unique family of IPs with wide ranging applications and commercial values. Having this unique family of IPs would strongly position us to grow our messaging, health care, and licensing business. Recognizing the coming if the new era of digitalization of the activities of our everyday lives, we are determined to make Beat Holdings Limited a leader in the digital world.

Beat Holdings Limited

Lian Yih Hann (Lenny Lian), CEO

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