Board & Management of the Group

Gen Matsuda

Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO

  • May 2012, established and being representative director of AZ Group Holdings Inc. (currently known as プロメテウス株式会社(Prometheus Corporation))
  • Jun 2012, lecturer at Musashino Gakuin University
  • Apr 2015, director of Digital Design Co., Ltd. (currently known as Samurai & J Partners Co., Ltd.) (Code: 4764T)
  • Aug 2016, representative director of 株式会社 創藝社 (Sojusha Inc.)
  • Sep 2017, director of OKWAVE, Inc. (Code: 3808N)
  • Oct 2017, CEO of OKfinc. LTD (present post)
  • May 2018, CEO of OK BLOCKCHAIN CENTRE SDN. BHD. (present post)
  • Jul 2018, president and representative director of OKWAVE Inc. (present post)
  • Apr 2019, director of 株式会社LastRoots (present post)
  • Jul 2019, director of OK Premiere Securities Co., Ltd. (present post)
  • Nov 2019, Chief Executive Office of the Company

Hitoshi Asahina

Independent Outside Director

  • Apr 1973~May 2004, Shizuoka Prefectural office
  • Apr 2004, auditor of Environmental Audit (Eco Action)
  • Dec 2016, registered as Attorney at Law, and set up Asa Law Firm

Emi Kitamura

Independent Outside Director

  • Apr 1987~ Mar 1995, entered 安田信託銀行株式会社 (Yasuda Trust and Banking Co., Ltd., currently known as Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.)
  • Sep 1995, entered 三村税務会計事務所 (Mimura Tax Accounting Office) (Currently; 税理士法人三村会計事務所 Mimura Accounting Office)
  • Dec 1998, registered to be a Certified Public Accountant
  • Aug 1999, registered to be a Tax Accountant
  • Sep 2010, representative partner of 税理士法人三村会計事務所 (present post)

Joel Chin

CEO of GINSMS & Activate

  • Bachelor in Applied Science with Merits in Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University.
  • Founded Inphosoft Group in 2002 and led as its CEO, which later acquired by GINSMS.
  • CEO of Xinhua Mobile, GINSMS & Activate, director of GINSMS & Activate.
  • Transform Activate from a solution integrator to a leading digital Health company. Grew revenue of Activate from SGD$1.6M in 2014 to SGD$6M in 2016 after taking over for 1.5 years.
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